Jobs might be hard to come by these days but that’s no excuse for cutting corners. It might net you a gig in the short term but eventually, the truth will set you free…from your job.

One of Yahoo!’s executives could face just such a fate. News reports have surfaced that CEO Scott Thompson may have “embellished his academic credentials” by claiming he held bachelor’s degrees he never actually earned. In the business world, if one misdeed is true, more examples are bound to turn up elsewhere in other multinational corporations and companies. Here are some ways to tell the executives in your office might be part of this soon-to-be growing problem.

1. The most they’ve done with their “engineering degree” was break the office record for having the tallest drink coaster tower in the break room.

2. They earned their master’s degree in agriculture management from “FarmVille U.”

3. Under military history, they recall “running the obstacle course and learning to work together as a team to overcome the insurmountable Sundae Slide.”

4. Their “intimate knowledge of the causes of man-made environmental disasters” comes from their experience as a CEO for BP.

5. They claim they worked on McDonald’s board of directors, even though they misspelled “McRib” four times.

6. None of Starbucks’ other CEOs did extensive marketing of customers’ needs by personally interviewing them at the drive-thru window.

7. A guy named “Earl” claims that while he worked for Subway, he invented the sandwich.

8. There’s a fine line between “being in charge of a company’s books” and “being booked.”

9. They say they are good at understanding computers because they were built by one.

10. The year they spent with the Peace Corps was in the war-torn nation of Cancun.

11. Their leadership skills includes managing a honey company as a “Queen” and lists “Drone No. 484757” as a reference.

12. They claim they successfully negotiated a major trade for the cigarette industry. Unfortunately, it took place while they were in prison.