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Rachele Lynae talks about her music with her producer, who also happens to be country music superstar Jamie O'neal. Rachele says "recording this album with Jamie as my producer was not only fun, but was also very intimidating and challenging because Jamie will say, look try singing it this way, she'll sing a little of it, and that in itself is very challenging and makes me want to do better." Rachele sounds like a mature well seasoned country music veteran. Nothing could be further from the truth, Miss Lynae is only 19 years young. Here's the reason she sounds so mature.

Rachele Lynae talks about growing up in  the wilderness and ruggedness of Alaska, she said "there are a lot of extremely creative people in Alaska and I was able to learn from those life's experiences." By the time Rachele turned ten she had been singing with the church for five years that may be why she sounds so mature. Her voice is what I call intense, emotional and deeply mature and sounds like a young Martina McBride.

“I always wanted to sing country music,” says Rachele, “when I was 10, I remember sitting in my dad’s truck and saying, ‘Dad, we don’t have a lot of time. LeAnn Rimes was 13 when she released “Blue.” We don’t have time! We have to get on this.”  With a broad smile Rachele goes on to say “Obviously, I’m a country rocker, and I have a little bit of a bluesy voice so there’s a soulful thing that peeks its head out occasionally. Stylistically, most of my songs are fun, sassy and empowering.”

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