The kids are heading back to school very soon. And, while many parents may be a little sad about it, here are several reasons to be happy about it.

  • Lower Utility Bills

    I don't know about you, but my utility bills go through the roof when the kids are at home during the summer. You'd think that we powered a football stadium or something when we get the bill. Whether it's from watching TV, playing video games or running the A/C, you can literally go outside and watch your meter run around like a NASCAR race. Plus, for some reason, kids don't understand the value of turning off the light when they are not in the room, or leaving the door open when they go outside. You kids get off my lawn!

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  • Lower Grocery Bill

    Along with lower utility bills comes a lower grocery bill. I can't tell you how many times my wife and I have gone to the grocery store, spent a bunch of money, and the food be gone within a few days. It's like they fed the entire neighborhood or something. Oh, they'll still raid the kitchen when they get home from school, but at least they haven't had all day to empty the refrigerator.


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  • House Stays Clean

    My wife is really good about keeping a clean house. But as much as she cleans it, it's like a tornado touched down in the house when the kids are at home all the time. The kids need exactly 30 seconds to completely trash the house. Now that they are back in school, all is right with the world and our house is not going to be upside down when we get home.

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  • School Activities

    One thing that I enjoy during the year is the kid's school activities. Whether it's orchestra, ROTC, football, basketball, or any number of school activities, they are just fun to go to.

  • Football Season is Back

    Whether it's high school, college or NFL, back to school also means football season is back. That alone is reason enough to celebrate the start of a new school year.

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