The Reporter News reported that the Abilene City Council just approved the purchase of an armored vehicle for the Abilene Police Department. The Lenco Bearcat is the make and model that is being hunted down for the A.P.D. and said vehicle is reported to cost us $226,000 in which almost $7,000 will be used for shipping.

During a meeting this morning, council members voted unanimously to buy the vehicle, which can be used for rescuing injured officers or residents during a shootout with a barricaded subject, delivering SWAT operators to various locations, serving warrants to high-risk suspects and providing a safe space for negotiating with armed suspects, according to Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge.

How will this beast of an armored vehicle be purchased?

One can assume the Mayor will use his debit card. I kid, I kid.

Apparently the city has a surplus of 5.3 million dollars from last fiscal year and part of that will go to this shiny new armored vehicle.

What are your thoughts about this decision that has been made by your elected city officials?

You can see what a Lenco Bearcat is all about on Jay Leno’s Garage.