The Abilene Repertory Theatre Alumni in conjunction with Abilene Community Theatre present “Everyman”, a morality play, this Friday and Saturday evening. This is a fundraiser to help keep theatre alive in Abilene and also honor two members that passed away last year. This is a great show for church groups and tickets are going fast.

The play’s premise is that good and evil deeds by man are tallied by God when we die. Everyman, who represents all mankind, tries to convince others to follow him and try to improve his grade, so to speak. The conflict of the play is between the good and evil of the characters and their interactions with one another.

The play is being presented to honor the late Peggy Click Cummings, who revised and updated the play, and her husband Bob who passed away about a year ago. Both helped found the Abilene Repertory Theatre (ART) and were actors for ACT as well.





Friday/Saturday; August 10 & 11



7:30 pm



$15.00 (reservations are encouraged)


Box Office Info:

(325) 673-6271

open 1-5 pm



If you would like to make a donation in honor of Peggy & Bob Cummings you may do so by mailing a check to the following address.


809 Barrow

Abilene, Tx. 79605