Abilene native Aaron Watson just released his new summer song, adding to the mountain of summer songs that have recently been released. While all other entries into the summer of 2013 theme songs are somewhat "novelty" songs. Watson sets himself apart by the style and content of  his new song titled "Summertime Girl". It's a more serious, more grounded song, with a more mature theme.

Aaron Watson proves once more that he is a well seasoned singer/songwriter by steering his musical ship through the already crowded summer ocean of music that lacks a real identity and at times appears to duplicate itself. "Summertime Girl" evokes memories in all of us, of that first summer kiss and our lost innocence. We never really ever forget our first love. "Summertime Girl" makes my heart skip a beat remembering my summer of love with a girl I'll never forget.

Aaron Watson - "Summertime Girl"