My co-worker Staci has been 'hounding' her husband Scott for quite some time about a basset hound, named Buster, that is at the Abilene Animal Shelter.

Apparently Staci has a deep love for basset hounds and stumbled across 'Buster' online and decided she just had to add this dog to their family.

Well, we (her co-workers) decided to speed up Scott's decision-making process in regards to we resorted to the power of guilt.

The use of the 'guilt trip' has been a proven method by women since the beginning of time, so we figured the power of the group could only make the guilt trip even more effective.

We created a Facebook page for Buster the Basset Hound then asked our friends to like and share the page. To further ensure the success of this guilt trip, we told everyone that if we got 250 likes on the page then Scott would adopt the dog.

We must let it be known that Scott hasn't said yes or no to the idea of adopting Buster. He also had nothing to do with setting a 'like' limit to encourage adoption.

So you know, we take animal adoption very, very seriously around here. We are proponents of responsible pet adoption.

With all that being said, we're having a little fun at Scott's expense. We wouldn't do it if Scott wasn't such a good sport.

Now go like the page so Scott is forced to adopt this adorable dog and so Staci has the best Christmas ever.

If you're out and about this weekend, swing by Strawberry's Bar (South 7th) and thank Scott for adopting Buster. Scott's band, Fraid Knot, is playing Friday and Saturday.