The Super Bowl is a great excuse to get your friends and family together and have some fun food. Notice I didn't say healthy food. Who has salads on game day? I have never personally had a party for the Super Bowl so I needed some ideas about what people liked to eat before I made my menu. I decided the best way to go about that was to just ask my friends. Most of what I found was this is going to be fairly easy to throw together. Here are some of the most popular foods that were suggested.

  • Buffalo Wings

    Buffalo wings tops the list of favorite game day food. They are the perfect finger food and you can dip them in a variety of tasty sauces. My favorite have a little kick to them but many prefer a sweeter honey BBQ flavor. No matter you taste these will 'fly' off the table!

    Jeff Fusco/Getty Images News
  • BBQ Ribs

    Since game day is usually an all-day affair, then why not plop some ribs on the grill. Again these are some great finger foods that you can grab and eat. You can dry rub or bbq, I prefer the dry rub myself, but either way you probably won't get too many complaints.

  • Jalapeno Poppers

    What could be better than bacon, jalapenos and cream cheese? Nothing. Roll it all together and slap them on the grill till crispy. A little bite of Heaven is what you end up with. Oh, don't forget the ranch dip to top it off.

    Shay Hill
  • Sausage Cheese Balls

    I love these and they are so super easy to make. In fact, I just made them at Christmas. I use Bisquick, sharp cheddar cheese and hot sausage. Mix it together and bake them. I like to make a couple of batches, they will go fast I guarantee. It's best to eat at least a half dozen before you serve them to everyone else. You know, quality control is very important.

  • Chili

    A nice bowl of chili is a tradition for many during the Super Bowl. There happen to be quite a few chili cook-offs that go on during the weekend leading up to the game day kick-off. Everybody seems to have the best chili recipe ever, or so they say. I have an affection for Wolf Brand chili myself, but I could probably put forth a little extra effort and come up with a homemade version if need be. Serve it up with some crackers or Fritos, top with some cheese and I think you might have a winner!

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  • Chips and Dips

    You must have chips and dips. You can have french onion, ranch, spinach or artichoke dip, 7-layer or any number of other variations but the one that must, and I stress MUST be served is Rotel cheese dip. A can of Rotel, some cubed Velveeta and some cooked sausage mixed in and melted. Yummy. Make sure you get the chips that hold a lot of dip too!

  • Beer

    This one came up quite a few times. It's my opinion that beer is not a 'food' but I was corrected more than once on that. So I will add it to the list. You must have beer present at your Super Bowl party, or, well, you may end up watching the game alone. Did doesn't matter if you have wings, ribs, chips and dips, chili or any other wonderful food you might think of; if there is no beer there is no party. The End.

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