Have you got some old coins or stamps you think might be worth something? I think I do. My dad just gave me what was my late mothers penny collection. While I thought of taking the big five gallon bottle to Coin Star (an idea my boss gave me) and cashing all those little Lincolns in. My wife Donna says "what if there's a 1943 copper penny in there?" So, I contacted the local Key City Coin, Stamp and Sportscard Club (I was a member of in the late '70's.) To my surprise the club still meets, every first Thursday of the month at the senior citizens center at Rose Park.

After talking to John Adling Key City Coin Club member, I'm glad I listened to my wife because Adling said "do not take those coins to any coin star. Instead bring them to one of our meetings and we will be glad to help you go through them." I asked John if I should be on the look out for anything special like a 1943 copper penny, he chuckled and said "be careful because there's a lot of Chinese counterfeiting going on now days."

The Club meets every first Thursday of each month in room B of the Rose Park Senior Citizen Center at 7:00pm. The public is invited to the Key City Coin, Stamp and Sportscard Club (KCCSSC) meeting and bring your collectables, the club is willing to look at what you have and tell you what something might be worth, or at least get a ballpark figure.