I recently ran across an online article (msn.com) about how some of the so called “super-star models and stars” never age. The question was posed, is it in their “super-genes”? Or is it their diet, exercise and skin care? The writer of that article favored the later. I think everyone missed this one all the way around.

Brooke shields was quoted in Allure Magazine:

“I’m very proud of being fit and strong at this age. I like to Spin three times a week at least and couple it with yoga. I’ve been dancing on Broadway for years, so when I’m in a show, my muscle memory comes right back. It’s like being an athlete.” – Brooke Shields, 45

While I have seen some people with extraordinary genes that keeps the looking young. What I believe is that, if you’ve got enough money to not worry about anything ever again, you will not age as the same rate the rest of society does. Because we worry about everything all the time without fail.

I still hear my sweet mommas voice telling me “son don’t fret or frown ’cause those wrinkles will always be around” and she was right. I can attest to this, my mother spent a small fortune fighting the aging process. all the creams, gels, lotions, mask pastes, elixirs and potions, she bought them all. The most memorable was the “green mask paste” (I think that’s when dad started sleeping the the spare bedroom) you know the one, it was avocado and garlic based guaranteed to scare the vampires and wrinkles away.

Anyway, she never smoked nor did she drink. She got her beauty rest and she religiously put on those snake oils the ladies at the BX cosmetic counter were peddling back in the day. She took care of herself and her skin. She said “God only gave you one skin don’t ruin it” and when she was in the hospital the last few months of her life she reveled in the nurses delight when she revealed her age. The response was always the same “is this right Alice? you’re over 80? you don’t look a day over 60″ and the nurses were being genuine. She looked great and young all the time. Here’s the reason I think, she may have worried a time or two about her boys or dad, but when it came to the finances or money or most anything else, she never worried, not because they had truck loads of money ’cause that wasn’t the case, she/us/we never lived above our means.

I will say this, living a “worry-free lifestyle” does help in the wrinkle dissolving department but it sure goes a long way at keeping you young at heart as well. Oh, the final secret to moms beauty care, “love God and dance as if only He is watching”.


The source or shall I say Inspiration for this blog was the fine folks at Allure Magazine and MSN.com here’s how this all got started:

Brooke Shields, Paulina Porizkova-Ocasek, Patti Hansen and Yasmin Le Bon may be supermodels with supergenes – it’s hard to believe they’re all age 45 and older. Most of the models have at least two children. We asked them how they’ve maintained their looks (and their outlooks) with diet, exercise, beauty rituals, lifestyle changes and attitude adjustments. For more from each of these models-turned-role-models.

Check out the April issue of Allure Magazine for all the stars quotes.