Andy Griggs agreed to do a special promotion, where he takes a test drive in a new car and he talks about his music. The subject during this test drive is his brand new song called 'Twenty Little Angels' of which all the money made from the song, Andy is donating to the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Andy says "this song really is special to me, because of the tragedy and it's touched a lot of lives and it touched mine first." Griggs said "but it goes deeper than that." 

If you haven't heard the song, give it a listen I recently did a blog on "Twenty Little Angels" if this doesn't have you reaching for a tissue I don't know what will. The sad part is the tragedy of lost life and so young due to pure evil. If there is a positive in all this, Andy Griggs, in my opinion seems to have tapped into it by donating to the victims and families. Griggs talks more about believing in God and Angels watching over us. So, Why is it that in times of tragedy we seem come together as a people? The answer to that last one we may never know. Nonetheless, check out what Andy Griggs says about the song and what it really means to him.

Andy Griggs talks about 'Twenty Little Angels'