Spring in Texas means beautiful wildflowers. You see them growing on the side of the highway and they are just full of color. I love spring time just for this reason, of course, it also means allergies of which I am not fond. Sometimes when you’re driving you don’t have time to stop and take pictures but I did just that recently.

I wasn’t driving the highway so to speak but I was driving the buggy around on our lease just outside of Abilene and took the camera along. I stopped at every flower I found. I didn’t realize how many varieties we had growing out there, no wonder I’m always sneezing!! I did another gallery of photos a few weeks ago, specifically of Texas Bluebonnets that you can also check out.

I wanted to share some of the flowers we have growing wild here in our area, although I don’t know the names of them all, they are still pretty. I even found some buzzards hanging out in a nearby tree. I don’t think they were eying me but I also didn’t hang around too long to find out either.