As you can see, even if all you did Saturday night was play 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' and eat Fruit Roll-Ups, you had a better night than Andre Berto.

Berto, a former welterweight champ, was savaged for 12 rounds of his fight with Robert Guerrero in Ontario, California. While it appears from the post-fight pictures that Berto attempted to break Guerrero's hands with his face, Berto kept the fight close and went the distance despite swelling that turned his face into a replica of the mask from the 'Scream' movies.

"He was coming in, grabbing and holding me. Every time I tried to get off, the referee kept warning me for shots," Berto said.

We're not sure what the referee was doing during this fight. Maybe he was doing shots with Berto in the corner prior to the start of each round. All we know is if we ever look like Berto did during a fight, we hope someone throws in the towel, hell, the whole hamper.

Guerrero won a unanimous decision, 116-110, and is now 31-1-1 with 18 knockouts. Berto is 28-2, and may or may not receive an offer to star as a cantina character in the next 'Star Wars' film.