Imagine you're a cheerleader, in the middle of a performance in front of 25,000 basketball fans. Then the rest of the squad breaks into a routine you're completely unfamiliar with. Sounds like a bad dream, doesn't it? Well, for this Chicago Bulls cheerleader, this nightmare had a happy ending.

Watch this video as the Luvabulls (clever name, huh?) as they belt out a spirited dance performance to Britney Spears' 'Work Work', when Ariana appears to get a little lost. She continues kickin' it as the rest of her team rolls off the basketball court, leaving her looking extremely uncomfortable. As she tries to casually make her way to the sideline, she's pulled into a chair by the Bulls mascot. Check out what happens next:

What could be more romantic than a marriage proposal taking place with a bull with sunglasses on looking over your shoulder?

In case you're wondering, the Bulls beat the Miami Heat 107-87.