Brad Paisley has struck gold with his newest C.D. "Wheelhouse." It's already sold over 100,000 albums since being released just a few days ago. "Wheelhouse" is on track to go gold if not platinum in the next six weeks or so, which is great news for Paisley being that Brad went completely off the normal path of album making. Not only did Brad throw the 'album making rule book' out the window, he says in the album notes "we had only one rule and that was, there are no rules." That may have made the difference as the album debuted at No.1 on Billboard's Country Charts.

What makes this album different from Paisley's others, is that for the first time in his recording career, he produced the entire project himself. There are 17 cuts on this album and two of those songs were released prior to the album coming out. The latest single is "Beat This Summer" which is the name of Brad Paisley's current concert tour with Lee Brice and Chris Young.

'Wheelhouse' cut list:
1. "Bon Voyage"
2. "Southern Comfort Zone"
3. "Beat This Summer"
4. "Outstanding In Our Field"
5. "Pressing On A Bruise"
6. "I Can't Change The World"
7. "Quiet Female"
8. "Karate"
9. "Death of a Married Man"
10. "Harvey Bodine"
11. "Tin Can On A String"
12. "Death Of A Single Man"
13. "The Mona Lisa"
14. "Accidental Racist"
15. "Runaway Train"
16. "Those Crazy Christians"
17. "Officially Alive"

Check out the new video for Brad Paisley's "Beat This Summer"