Brad Paisley is on fire with his new song 'Beat This Summer'. This is truly a Brad Paisley song from the lyrics to the music and besides, it's a fun summer song (that alone says Brad Paisley). This is also a serious love song, about a summer love. We've all had a summer love, it's here for a while, then as fast as it came, it's all over. Musically, this is a signature Brad Paisley tune, from the hot guitar licks to the carefully planned banjo picks. Written by Brad Paisley and a couple of guys he regularly writes with Chris DuBois and Luke Laird. The song is as up-tempo and hot as summer is. I'm thinking "summer can't get here fast enough and I'm looking for my blender to get those frozen Margarita's and Piña Colada's going."

Brad has always had the ability to take something as simple as a 'kiss' and dissect it, to reveal it's real meaning and intentions. A kiss is a kiss right? Not by Paisley's diagnosis he called it "bittersweet." As sweet as the kiss is, it won't last as the bitter end is waiting around the corner, just waiting for summer to end. As quick as the tans lines fade so does a summers love.

As long as I live Whatever I do

As great as it is, you know what's a bummer

I ain't ever gonna beat this summer with you

Baby it's true

The taste of your kiss is so bittersweet

I ain't gonna beat no way I'm gonna beat this summer with you.

Chorus to Brad Paisley's 'Beat This Summer'

'Beat This Summer' is the second song from the yet to be released 'Wheelhouse' album. I believe this song will take Paisley back to familiar territory at the top of the country music charts and will be labeled as his 2013 summer song. Please give the song a listen and tell me what you think. Will you download it as a ringtone or to your MP3 player?

Brad Paisley - Beat This Summer