About a month ago I wrote a blog on this very website that “Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Will Return to Host the Awards Show”, when I reported on that Brad and Carrie were shooting the video. Well, here it is and I think it’s hot! Not because it’s a great video, far from that. Check out Carrie Underwood.

I’ll admit Brad can hold his own but Underwood’s legs are shown off in this video and I think that’s a major plus, because the song is okay. The only thing this video has going for it (in my honest opinion) are Carrie Underwood’s smoking hot legs. Oh yea, and her awesome smile.

Enough about how fantastic Carrie’s legs look. Did the video really carry home the message? It refers to the times when they were young, and making out in public would warrant a comment from strangers, saying like “get a room”. I don’t believe that the video accomplished that, in fact this is two hard bodied people one walking on parched land the other appears to be walking in sand. Nonetheless, Brad did okay but I say the Oscar goes to Miss Underwood’s boogity boogity boogity smoking hot legs.