Brantley Gilbert, a high school graduate, with dreams and ambitions of being a country star and was attending Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville GA., where he was studying to become a relationship counselor. The main reason he dropped out of college and didn't finish getting his degree as a "relationship/marriage counselor" was because he busy touring and practicing his relationship counseling theories on unsuspecting couples at dance halls and concert venues all across the south. Then he started getting busier playing more shows than studying for finals on relationship theories. Of college and performing guess which one, won the tug of war?
As Gilbert continued to hone his skills as a performer, he was also honing his skills as a songwriting relationship counselor. Many of the lyrics he has written mostly deal with relationships and/or the trials and tribulations of growing up in and living in a small southern town in American.

His songs tend to grab your attention as they paint a vivid picture of life in any town USA. Whether you grew up in Merkel Texas or Jefferson GA. Gilbert knows that a broken heart is a broken heart and the pain is the same just the scenery has changed. While one might live on a dusty old dirt road in southern Georgia another might live in the shadows of a slightly bigger city like Abilene Texas. One experiences heart ache on the dusty back road, and the other next to a major interstate. That hollow gut wrenching dull ache of heartbreak is still the same. Brantley Gilbert will soon be dispensing his relationship advise on unsuspecting west Texans when he performs live at Guitars and Cadillac's in Abilene Texas on December 16th. Gilbert will also bring a relationship-counselor apprentice with him by the name of Thomas Rhett.