Brantley Gilbert's new video "Bottoms Up" is set in the late 1920's and Brantley plays the role of a moonshine runner trying to stay one step ahead of the law. The video jumps from the '20's into the 21st century when Brantley and his crew enter the party house. I really like the transition from the old costumes and wooden kegs into today's modern day attire and aluminum kegs. 

Brantley Gilbert managed to combine his bad-boy image with his rarely seen romantic side in this song. I think the fact that Gilbert writes all his own songs helps him sell this one. He not only pulls it off but I think BG has run his fair share of moonshine in the past. It would be really cool to see him perform this one live, like at "Boots in the Sand" at the Hard Rock in Mexico.

Brantley Gilbert's video for "Bottoms Up"

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