Brian Keane is among a new crop of emerging talents in Texas music. Having already earned radio success - most notably a Top 5 Texas hit with 'I'll Sing About Mine' (a song Josh Abbott took to #1 with his own version) - Keane has the respect of fellow singer/songwriters on the scene. Now, Brian now has high aspirations with his newest single release, "Easy To Say Goodbye".

This uptempo, rocking country song is about a guy reflecting back on a relationship, wondering why he bothered to try so hard to make it work. After a year has gone by, 'Easy to Say Goodbye' is a clear-thinking reflection, evident from the opening verses:

I never asked much of you , baby
I never got much in return
Looking back on when you left me
Don't know why the hell it burned
You said it was over, but you could not tell me why

I spent time staring at the ceiling
Wondering what I'd done so wrong
Looking back it was pathetic
The way I held on for so long
Clinging to something without ever asking why

I was so blind at how you pushed on me
Now that there's a year gone by there is so much I can see

It takes a little longer than most singles to get to the chorus, but it's worth the wait. Just like any great single, the chorus for 'Easy to Say Goodbye' catches your attention and summarizes the song well.

Baby you were always screaming, disbelieving
Everything I tried
I was so lost and lonely, girl you only
stuck me in the eye
Shoulda been easy to say goodbye

In the first two verses Keane explains the bad relationship. In the third verse Keane tells of the progress he has made in recovering from a broken heart and emotional mistreatment:

So I've been working every minute
Slowly climbing on my own
You may think that I am different
But it's just that I'm alone
No one to hold me, and no one to hold me back

Now you're coming round to talk of the good old days
But to me the greatest was the day you went away

This is great. Brian Keane has written a song about strength and empowerment, perseverance and personal we think. But just when you think this song is one of redemption moving on from the past, 'Easy to Say Goodbye' finishes with a clever plot twist:

Didn't know that you would come along
Telling me you'd done me wrong
I don't wanna be alone

And that's it. Now we're left to wonder if our friend decided to go back to this girl, or if he stayed the course and continued to move on. I suppose we'll have to wait for the music video to see how it ends. Take a listen to the song here:

'Easy to Say Goodbye' does a nice job of grabbing your attention and keeping it. The song's subject is extremely relatable, allowing Keane to tap into a connection with the listener, just like fantastic songwriters do.

I am a big fan of Brian Keane. He is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, he's an extremely talented musician and his songwriting is top notch. I look forward to the day that every song he writes gets instant recognition and credibility because his name is attached to it, and I honestly don't think that day is too far off. Keane already has the respect of fellow singer/songwriters, and it's about time the rest of us appreciate his talent. 'Easy to Say Goodbye' is yet another step in the right direction.