I think that most people played with action figures of some sort as a kid. Well, how cool would it be if it was an action figure that looked like you? A retail store in Britain has done exactly that. Using 3D technology, ASDA can create a miniature version of yourself, your family, or even your car.

According to ITN, ASDA, a British retail shop, is giving their customers a chance to make miniature versions of themselves using 3D technology. Basically, you step into a digital scanner, which then spits out a detailed model that is sent off to be printed in ceramic.

ASDA say that the technology, inspired by Walmart, is so advanced and sophisticated, that the scanner can pick up even the smallest details like your belt buckle, shoes or wedding ring.

No word on if or when this will reach the states. But, how cool would it be to be able to give yourself as a gift for everybody to play with? That's a rhetorical question.