Casey Donahew is fast becoming an upper-tier talent on the Texas music scene, and with good reason. His albums are all good (His latest, 'Double-Wide Dream', cracked the top 10 on the US country charts), with songs that you can sing along to. His live show is solid and entertaining. And along with Gary Kyle, the Casey Donahew Band will be making a return visit to Abilene and the Lucky Mule Saloon on Thursday, November 29th.



Cost:  Adults 21 and older $15.00; 18-20 are $15.00, with a $3.00 minor charge at the door.

On Sale: The Lucky Mule, Cavender’s, Abby’s Bottle & Brew, Complete Nutrition or Farm & Ranch Western Wear

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Date and Time

Thursday, November 29th. Doors open at 6:00pm


The Lucky Mule Saloon
1850 South Clack Street
Abilene, TX  79605

Contact Info

Phone:  (325) 232-8564

Gary Kyle

Gary Kyle was raised in Kingwood, TX, just outside of Houston. He grew up the youngest of six children in a very musically charged family. Gary’s father, who passed when Gary had just turned a year old, was a country/bluegrass performer.

When Gary was a senior in high school, his mother gave him his late father’s guitar.
Making good on a promise to his mother that he would attend college and earn a degree, Gary attended the University of North Texas in Denton. Music took precedence over academia, but after six years of college (no, he is not a doctor!) Gary earned his degree.

Gary has a relentless passion for performing, and his unorthodox connection with the audience, leaves an indeniable mark on all who see him play. You can always find Gary after the show in the crowd thanking each person for coming out to hear his music.

His sophomore album “Turn this Life Around” has been a great success for Gary. Both singles he released off this album (Late Night Runaround, Turn this Life Around) charted in the top 25 on the Texas Charts.

Here's Gary Kyle's video for his song 'Livin'':

Casey Donahew

Though he seems like a born natural when it comes to performing, Casey actually fell into music gradually. He grew up on a farm the first few years of his life and quickly grew to love riding and team roping, a sport he still enjoys today. His grandfather, who loved to play and sing, gave Casey his first guitar growing up, but it wasn’t until college at Texas A&M that he first began to teach himself to play and really focused on writing songs. A big fan of 80’s and 90’s country, Casey had always admired the storytelling in the songs of that period, and when a wild-eyed Oklahoma boy named Garth Brooks began swinging from the rafters and employing all sorts of crazy, rock show antics during his concerts, Casey was immediately hooked.

It was during his college days that Casey also discovered another rowdy artist who was forging his own path across the Lonestar state in a big way, Pat Green. When his fraternity hired Pat to play one of their parties back in those early days, Casey was instantly inspired by Pat’s way with a song and his ability to connect with an audience. “Pat Green was really the guy who started it all for me in college. He just did a great job connecting with fans, and later on when we started playing, we really tried to mirror how he did that.”

His latest studio CD, “Double Wide Dream,” is pretty much right in the wheelhouse of Casey’s previous three. The songs contemplate all the highs and lows of real life, from the heartaches to the belly laughs and everything in between, and the CD is packed full of that unbridled, can-do indie spirit that has rocket-powered his entire career right from the start. From the straight-shooting, hilarity of the leadoff single, “Double Wide Dream,” a redneck’s declaration of love for his hot mess of a wife, to the heartfelt twist of “Give You A Ring,” and the hotter-than-a-jalapeno, Texas-tinged smoker, “One Star Flag,” the tunes on this new CD cover a broad range of material and emotions and showcase a maturity that can only be achieved through lots of living, loving, and losing -- things Casey has no doubt done his fair share of throughout his life and his budding career. And though he can work his way through a tearjerker with the best of ‘em, for Casey, every song doesn’t have to be brain surgery -- it’s okay to laugh and have a good time and let your hair down, as in the case of the hilarious title track, or “White Trash Story II - The Deuce,” a continuation of the tune that has become a fan sensation and instant singalong during his shows.

Here's the Casey Donahew Band's latest video, for 'One Star Flag':