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The Worst Weather Days in Abilene History – Our Top 6
It's been said of the weather in Abilene, If you don't like it, wait five minutes it'll change. With that said, one question comes to mind, what are the single worst weather days that we've experienced? The Hottest, coldest, rainiest, snowiest, windiest and finally stormiest.
Who Has the Dirtiest Job in Abilene?
A sign that I’m getting old is that when the weekend approaches I now think of what I’m going to watch on TV as opposed to what bar or party I’m going to. Well, as I was thinking about catching up watching Dirty Jobs (my DVR has about 10 episodes I hav…
Best Car Washes In Abilene – Rudy’s Top 5
Rudy Fernandez
Abilene got it's first automatic car-wash system in the mid 1950's, it was the 'Westwood Robo-Wash' that was located at 3889 N. 1st Street. Today there are a dozen automatic car-washes, below are my top 5 from Abilene.
Abilene got
The Best Chips and Salsa in Abilene – Our Top 5
Rudy Fernandez
Did you know that chips and salsa are the official state snack of Texas? It was proclaimed such back in 2003. Chips and salsa are perfect for any occasion, and below are my top 5 from Abilene.
Rudy Fernandez

Chili's Grill & Bar

At Chili's Grill …
Best Hotels in Abilene – Rudy’s Top 5
From family to rodeos to class reunions, there are many reasons people visit Abilene on a daily basis. For those looking for some good lodging on your next visit, here’s a list of the best hotels in Abilene.
Abilene Jingles You Will Never Forget – Our Top Five
A peppy jingle with a catchy melody can make or break an advertising campaign. Occasionally, an advertising Jingle will resonate with the public so well that it remains in our hearts and minds for years or even decades. Reminiscing over the years it seems that commercial jingles have always h…

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