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Learn the Symptoms and Prevention of Lyme Disease
With the recent rains insects are sure to become more active. That includes ticks. Ticks aren't just ugly pests that bother your pets, they too can cause problems for humans. They carry diseases like Lyme Disease. I know a little about this as my boyfriend has had it.There are ways to protect y…
2013 ‘Run or Dye’ – Abilene 5K
It's almost time to take on the challenge of a 5K and this isn't just any normal 5K. The Run or Dye 5k is one of the most colorful runs you will ever make. It's coming up August 17th at the Taylor Co. Expo Center and will benefit the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.
Top Reasons to Control Your Kids Video Game Play Time
If you have a teenage then you know they can get completely wrapped up in playing video games and forget everything else. They not only can play against the game itself but these days they can play online against other gamers as well. Competition ensues and the real world is forgotten for hours.

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