My best friend is pregnant, I’m going through chemo treatment and Saturday we, along with my mom, went to eat and then ran to the mall for just a bit. We needed to find one thing so we parked at one end of the mall, closest to what we needed. Of course, they didn’t have what we were looking for so here we go walking the mall.

Now a few months ago this wouldn’t have been a problem for either of us, but in our current conditions you would have thought we were a 100 years old. She is due at the end of July but her first one was early, the second one was even earlier and if this one follows suit, it could be any day now.

We walked from El Chico’s to Dillard’s, by the time we got there we were both huffing and puffing, my mom was fine. We went to the shoe department and sat down to rest. My friend is 37 weeks and the baby likes to sit on a nerve that shoots pain up her back plus, she’s had surgery on her Achilles which makes walking a little difficult for her. I just get tired very easily due to the chemo, my bones ache a little, I get hot really easy so I just sweat non stop (it’s not pretty). You add to this the Texas summer heat and you have two very miserable girls.

We sat there resting and sounding like a bunch of old ladies trying to figure out who had it worse. The funny thing is we will both be over this hump by the end of the month. She will be un-pregnant and I will finish my chemo by the end of July. She will have a new little girl to show for it and I will have my life back. So I guess we shouldn’t complain too much. We plan on celebrating with a big margarita when August rolls around.

My mom asked, “where are we going next”, we both looked at her and said HOME!! It’s sad when the 67 year old can run circles around the 40 year olds.

Who of you are in your 40′s and feel time is finally catching up with you?