School is about to start, and every year there are those “new items” that every kid just has to have. Remember those shoes with the roller skate heals called Heelys? How about the year every kid had to have their name embossed on their notebooks. Well, this years it’s moms and dads that are going to be wanting something new. They are called EcoZips, a new and better way to pack you child’s lunch. Plus a million other uses.


There is no better way to keep kids happy and healthy than with great lunches that your child likes. How many times have you heard “I don’t like the schools pizza it tastes like rubber” or “our schools hamburgers taste like Johnny’s shoes smell.”

Finally, someone a lot smarter than me came up with an awesome idea, the multiple compartment zip-locking bag. Wow! I can Finally have my bacon and tomato sandwich and it won’t be soggy because of the tomatoes. Put the sandwich in one end and the chips in the other. Thanks to EcoZip, every parent now has a solution.

Better yet for the handyman in the family the screws in one end and the nuts in the other. Ladies how about your cosmetics, foo-foo powder in one end and the smell-good-cream in the other. Here’s one for the fisherman, rubber worms in one end and the stink bait in the other.

Finding effective ways to use this bag won’t be hard just check out the video I found on YouTube and then share your ideas with me. On final question for you, do you re-use zip-lock baggies? Or is that just gross?