I admit, music is my life, so much so that at the very young age of 5, I wanted to go into the music business in some form, fashion or way. I love music because the song is love and hate, war and peace, happy and sad, it will make you want to get up and dance or lay down and love some one. Certain songs make me drive fast while others put me at ease and yet some songs have me feeling invincible and yes I’ll admit it, some 8-tracks I had were a big hit with the chicks (or so I thought). So here are the top 5 albums that helped me make me who I am today.


No.1 The Love Unlimited Orchestra – White Gold.

The orchestra is really Barry White and his band and Mr. Whites music styling without all the “ooh baby baby’s”. This album just makes me feel invincible, I’m on top of the world. I hear the music playing in my head day and night. It’s got a groove I can’t explain, I can only move to it.



No.2 Conway Twitty 20 Greatest Hits.

This album speaks for me, it’s like Conway was in my head and speaking what I was thinking, only he made my thoughts sound way cooler than I could ever do. Besides, if you’ve ever listened to Conway Twitty and what he sang, that boy was down right ‘dirty’ and I liked that, he was direct and to the point.


No.3 A Night On The Town – Rod Stewart.

The lead off single from this album was ‘Tonight’s The Night’ it was released in America but was never released in Europe or England because of it’s suggestive lyrics “Spread your wings and let me come inside.” I was in high school and this was the album of love that came complete with a french speaking babe in some of the songs. It was like my “How To” book, how to comb my hair, how to dress, how to court the girls, how to behave, what to say and when.

One look at the video for the song Tonight’s The Night, and you know that it was right there on the edge of being almost too much for American TV in 1976. This song secured Sir Rod Stewart a number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot-100 Charts, in the summer of 1976 and yes, that was one ‘hot’ summer.



No.4 The Outlaws – Willie, Waylon, Jessi and Tompall.

Here I am in college trying to fit in and feeling like an outcast, when I met these two older women at dark Texas Honky-Tonk on a really hot summer day. One ordered us all something to drink and the other cranked up the jukebox to the sounds of Waylon and Willie. I learned from those two ladies, how to treat a woman, how to dance, what women like and don’t like, when to hold their hand and how, and that the Outlaws way of life was something women liked, a lot! And thus began my life as an outlaw, and my love for older women.



No.5 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John.

I discovered this album because of the movie ‘Aloha Bobby and Rose’. I do believe this was the first love story chick flick I ever went to, and it became my favorite movie of all time. Elton John on the 6X9′s makes me want to drive fast with my girl by my side. I got more speeding tickets on the streets of Abilene and Judge Don Lane got to know me on a first name basis because of this 8-track tape and Benny and the Jets. This album defined me, it’s the album that I refer to as my ‘right of passage’ into man world.

I am who I am because the music helped shape me, aren’t these thee best albums ever? How about you, can you name your top five albums that changed or defined your life?