Craig Morgan in not just a country singer; he is also a trained EMT and he's had to use his skills quite frequently. Most recently on Sunday (June 9th) when his bus came across a highway accident.

Morgan was returning from a show in Texas to his home in Tennessee. They were traveling I-40 in Humphreys County when his bus came upon a crash involving three tractor trailers.

Morgan and two of his crew jumped off the bus and assisted emergency responders on the scene. They extinguished a small fire and cared for the drivers of the vehicles. There were no serious injuries; thankfully everyone will be alright.

Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis said "He responded and did exactly what he had been taught to do and was a huge help."

This is the second time Morgan has put his EMT skills to work. Just a few years back he also pulled two children from a burning home and then helped extinguish the blaze.

Morgan has been a trained EMT since his early teens and was also a member of our armed forces, serving in the Army, before becoming a country star. This kind of thing is just second nature for him; he doesn't think, he just acts. Kudos to Morgan for lending a hand when needed.