What is really the sound you hear in movies? Check out what a "Foley artist" does to make those sound effects we hear when watching a movie.I have always been fascinated by sound effects. It's what I do on a daily basis when I produce commercials or station imaging. Of course, my type of production is far different than that of movie production, but sometimes I have been forced to use some of the same techniques to get that one sound effect I need in a spot. It could be a whistle, a laugh, the crunching of paper or any number of sound that I can't find in a production library. If I can't find the sound effect, I do my best to make one similar.

With movies, these "Foley Artists" come up with sound effects for post production in a movie, that might surprise you on how they are made. Check out Foley artist, Gary Hecker, who worked on "The Empire Strikes Back". Pretty cool stuff!