The 29th Annual KEAN-105 Cruise Night to benefit Safety city was a huge success. One law enforcement officer estimated between four to five thousand people were in attendance. The real reason for the huge attendance was the cars, trucks and motor-cycles. Saturday night was hopping at the K-Mart parking lot with the Kirk House Band on tap for live entertainment. The Abilene Firefighters and A.P.D. managed to cook the wonderful Boars Head hot dogs, while Chili’s made the chicken Fajitas available.

The main reason for this entire event was to raise money for a very worthy cause, Safety City. KEAN Cruise Night is all about the cars and lots of them. I found myself asking this question quite often “where do all these cars comes from?” The answer is they are all from right here in the Big Country, We had G.T.O.’s, Mustang’s, Camaro’s, Challenger’s and Charger’s, there were cars from the 1920′s all the way up to the new 2010 Hummer that was cruising with the big wheels and the loud sound system. Special thanks to all that came to watch, dance and eat. We could not have done this without you. A huge thank you and hugs to all the car owners, thank you for letting us admire your cars and motorcycles and to relive some awesome memories.

If we were to hold Cruise Night again next year what would you recommend to make it even better?