Cyrus James is out to make a statement. He wants you to know that traditional country, outlaw country and red dirt country can all be blended with southern rock to make a unique and enjoyable sound. James backs up this statement very convincingly with his debut CD, 'Molly & The Devil'.

First and foremost, it should be noted that Cyrus James wrote 11 out of the 12 songs on this CD. He also plays guitar on all of the tracks on 'Molly & The Devil'. James deserves kudos for this "old-school' approach to his music, especially in a day and age where one-dimensional talent is widely accepted.

The entire CD has a good amount of variety and tempo changes, and there's a lot of great solo work featured. 'Molly & The Devil' opens with 'Headin' Out', with a driving beat and some nice steel work throughout. 'Lucky 59' has a devilishly fun sound. Upbeat, with a hell-raiser's message to the listener. This song rocks.

Did I mention 'Molly & The Devil' had variety? Well, we go from the very rocking, to the very traditional country tune, 'One Country Song'. Complete with a "Willie" and "Johnny" reference, as well as a few "Yippie-ki-yi-yay"'s, this tune lets us know that Cyrus James' knowledge of country music does not begin with George Strait.

The title track gives me a David Allan Coe vibe. The Hammond organ and pedal steel give it a genuine, haunting outlaw country feel. You just don't hear enough of this storyteller-type song anymore, and it's a breath of fresh air.

Overall, 'Molly & The Devil' is loaded with dance floor-fillers. You can easily imagine hearing songs like 'I'm Drunk I'm Sorry' 'Paper Boats' and the new single, 'Reckless Cinderella' pouring from the speakers of any Texas honky tonk.

'Lickity Split' is the best song on a really good album. It's a duet featuring James and John "Johnny Coconuts" Fleming, and it is catchy. I look forward to seeing what this song will do on Texas radio.

If you enjoy a CD with good variety, Cyrus James' 'Molly And The Devil' is a good country album for you to own. There's not a dull moment, and a lot of positive to take away from this debut album.

Here's the video for Cyrus James' 'Lickity Split':