Dogs are some pretty amazing creatures.  Depending on the breed, dogs can play fetch, hunt, track escaped convicts, sniff for drugs - the list goes on.  In some cases, dogs can even dance, even if they have a disability. 

Meet Winston, a 2 year old English Bulldog that YouTube user 'Jamynne Bowles' apparently rescued.  The dog is a dancing fool!

I can't even get my dogs to go out if it's too cold outside, much less dance the blues.  Judging by the comments on the owner's YouTube channel, the dog also knows some sign language as well.  Pretty smart pooch!

Some of the comments I saw on the channel, argued that the dog was not dancing, but in fact, having some sort of health issue.  You be the judge. With her friend playing guitar and singing, check out Winston dancing to the blues.

Take it away Winston!

Deaf English Bulldog Dances to the Blues