Texas Rangers play by play announcer, Dave Barnett, will be out for a few games because of an incident that happened on air that caused many to believe he might have had a stroke. On Monday (June 18th), the Rangers were playing the San Diego Padres and were in the 8th inning when Barnett said “there was a runner on 5th” after a “botched robbery”.  Then he said something about henchmen then trailed off.  It was the only weird thing that happened in the game, but it caused quite a stir with people that were watching TV.

Barnett said that it may be because of his migraine headaches that keep coming back.  Meanwhile, the Rangers released a statement saying that he would be out for at least a couple of games while a few tests will be run.

Check out the footage of the ramblings now.

So, what do you think? Migraine, stroke, or did he have an adult beverage during the broadcast?