In a recent survey about the video game 'Hitman: Absolution', the results showed that about 89% of the parents polled, believe that violence in the video game was a huge problem.  That's not really that surprising considering that particular game is rated M, for 'mature' and is not meant for kids.  In any case, I wanted to see what you thought about video games and violence.

Back in my day, it was Atari 2600 with 'Pitfall', 'Defender', 'Astroids', 'Bezerk' and other games that where way more mild in comparison to today's games.  Obviously, as times have changed, video games have gotten bigger and better, as far as their graphics and content -and so has the violence and language.  These days, video games have gotten so realistic, that they could easily be called simulators, as opposed to a video game.

I love playing video games.  Always have.  And, I've enjoyed the realism that today's video games have.  But, just like movies, not all video games are suitable to all age groups.  That's why, in 1994, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) was established in response to criticism of violent content found in video games. However, even with this rating system, kids are still being able to pick up a game, even if it is rated as unsuitable for their age group.

So, obviously the rating system is not stopping kids from picking up games that they shouldn't be playing.  That raises the question, are video games too violent for our children?

Here is what a few of you have already said on my Facebook page.

Cole Ruster

Yes, there's a reason they're rated M+17. It's the responsibility of the parents to respect the rating system and not let 8 year olds play GTA and COD.

John Smith

 They have ratings for a reason. It's the parents responsibility to know what the kids are playing. Video games aren't babysitters.

Couldn't agree with those two statements more.  Yet, children are still able to get a hold of these games, and play them right under our noses.  So, that raises a bigger question.  Do you think today's video games are simply being made too violent in the first place?

What do you think, Abilene?  Take our poll below, and feel free to comment as well.