As I drive around town I’ve noticed more wild animals either dead on city streets, or just wandering around town. On my commute to and from work, I counted 7 dead ‘wild animals’ on the roads. There was three coyotes, one porcupine, one deer, one raccoon and a deer. Then while I was Broadcasting live on location at a car lot this past Saturday, a skunk (in the middle of the day), casually strolled by not five feet from where we were seated, paused to look at us for minute and then continued on it’s way. I called Abilene Animal Control to find out, ‘why are we seeing so many wild animals in Abilene?’ (CAUTION! Graphic images included)

Joe Helms of the Abilene Animal Control Shelter said, “we are seeing an increase in wild animals in town because of the drought. When water is scarce due to lack of rain, the rabbits come into town to dine on the lush green vegetation of our well manicured lawns. Coyotes come because they too need water, and they love to eat rabbits. The rabbits aren’t the only ones that are looking for green vegetation, so are the skunks, porcupines, possums, deer and fox.

As a matter of fact, the Abilene Animal Control Shelter would like to advise everyone, that there’s a big fox problem this year. One fox  that was tested, tested positive for the Parvovirus. The shelter encourages everyone to not feed or leave food for your pets outside, as the fox are quick to feed on that. With the one confirmed parvovirus case in Abilene, your pet could get infected since that is how most animals exchange disease through their saliva.

Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Wild Animal Encounters

  • If you see a skunk, possum or other nocturnal animal out during the day call for help, they could be rabid
  • Do not leave your cat or dog food outside, wild animals are always looking for food
  • Make sure your pets are vaccinated
  • Never feed wild animals that are in your area
  • Do not attempt to make a wild animal a pet. First off its dangerous and most importantly it’s against the law.
  • Do not try to shoot, poison or capture the wild animals in your neighborhood
  • Do not try to handle a wild animal