Dude Perfect heads to the Mojave Desert for their latest video. Why? Well you have to have a lot of space to play baseball with cars. Yes, cars running the bases is pretty hilarious. Plus, of course, there are a lot of trick shots thrown in as well.

The guys set out to play a little baseball with some cars in 115 degree heat. The cars 'run' the bases and do quite a bit of drifting as they circle the bases, they get caught in a pickle, and don't quite make it to home base safely but it is pretty entertaining.

The best part though is the trick shot called 'threading the needle'. This is where the pitcher on one side of the car throws the ball through the open windows of the passing car to the catcher waiting on the other side. A little dangerous for the driver but the 'cool' factor is worth it!

Check out the 'Desert Drifting Baseball Edition'