One of the biggest games of the college football weekend had a rather interesting halftime show. As Michigan and Notre Dame went to their respective locker rooms, commentators Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit welcomed rap star Eminem into the booth. What happened next was about as entertaining as the first half of the game.

Watch as Musburger goes on a lengthy, unnatural introduction of the world premier of Eminem's new 'Berzerk' video. As Brent refers to him by his real name, Marshall Mathers, Eminem appears to be in a complete daze, rocking slowly back and forth with his mouth open.

After looking over at Eminem, Herbstreit could hardly contain himself as Musburger continued on, unknowing that the rapper did his best impression of the village idiot. After returning from the 'Berzerk' clip, Eminem continued with the absent look on his face, then apologized, saying "Sorry, Live TV. Live TV creeps me out a little bit."

In my opinion, Brent Musburger owes Eminem a huge thanks for acting like a clown. His strange behavior took almost all the focus away from Brent's "old-man-trying-to-be-hip" act.