As I told you yesterday TJ Broscoff and his band were in a wreck while heading to a show in Ft. Worth. TJ and the guys are alright, just some minor cuts and bruises, but their trailer and equipment didn't fair so well. Some great friends have set up a benefit show to help recoup that equipment and you get a great show in return.

The Wicked Twisted Road Party has been set up for Sunday, April 14th and the Whiskey Girl Saloon in Ft. Worth. There will be live music all day long and they will be taking donations of both cash and equipment. ALL proceeds will help replace band equipment and their trailer.

What I've noticed with the Texas Music scene is that these guys take care of each other. This benefit was set up by friends and fellow musicians who are lending their time and talents to help out one of their own. Many bands live from gig to gig and giving up a 'non paid' Saturday is a big deal. But these guys all know what it's like to not have the tools you need to carry on and provide, not just for yourself, but in many cases your family as well. The music business can be fiercely competitive but more often than not it's full of the best friends you can find.

If you're in the area, or just want to make the short drive to Ft. Worth for a great day of music in the Stockyards, this is the perfect opportunity. Plus, you would be helping out a great group of guys get back on their feet!



Wicked Twisted Road Party


2413 Ellis Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76164


Sunday, April 14th


Starts at 12 noon - ?