Black Friday is a day where everything we gave thanks for and asked God to make us a better person at, all goes out the window. There is nothing worse than listening to women call each other names curse, claw, scratch and fight over a few items that are on sale for a few hours and for a limited few people. This was not limited to just women, it’s that women were the ones I witnessed doing all the a fore mentioned and more. It appears that this “black Friday deal shopping” has become a sort of full contact sport and has men and from what I mostly saw, women using fowl and threatening language. What has happened to us? Why have we allowed a few stores to lure us into this type of “Jerry Springer mentality?”


I’m not picking on any one store in particular, however, think about it for a second. I shop at a several stores throughout the the year, giving these stores my money. One store I shop for food another for cloths and others for appliances and others for electronics, so why then is it that they are going to offer a few people a few items at a super low price, and yet not offer their loyal customers that shop at their store day in and day out the same deal? I helped keep that stores doors open throughout the year when milk went from $1.99 to $4.25 a gallon or the store I bought my light bulbs, air filters, toilet fix-it kit or dishwasher or the store where I bought my camera and some cloths and yet I’m not good enough to get a super low deal? Come on corporate America this is why the small business man will always be king in my book the know who their loyal customers are and will always take care of their faithful customers.


I will rethink how I shop from now on because if I’m not one of the few good enough to be given a customer loyalty deal then why should I shop them? I spent the entire day watching and listening to people fight, cuss and bicker over a few worthless items these corporate stores offer just to get us in their stores. They are called “door buster specials” for a reason to get costumers that normally don’t shop them to come in and try their store. So you reward your non-regular-costumer that aren’t shopping you now and most likely won’t shop you year-round?

If stores had “black Friday” pricing all the time they wouldn’t need a special day a year to help put them “back in the black” as most of these stores claim .