The first time I ever flew on a Southwest airlines flight I was very surprised at the announcements the flight attendants gave prior to take off. We were told that due to the one and a half hour flight no food would be served and that eating fellow passengers was prohibited because it has become difficult disposing on their remains. Humor made the flight more bearable. Some airlines might resort to humor but the Finnair crew decided to treat all their passengers to a special India Republic Day dance.


The flight was from Helsinki to Delhi India, the crew consisted of flight crew as well as ground staff. The dancers got what I call, the airplane standing ovation. I wished more flights had this kind of enthusiasm for their customers. American is the only thing that fly’s out of Abilene and their announcements are to say the least boring at times and the crew seems agitated doing them, besides most passengers automatically tune them out anyway, there are times when the crew can be a bit more colorful and help make a flight more enjoyable. A bit of India history though, while India’s Independence Day commemorates its freedom from British Rule it’s their Republic Day that brings attention to the country’s constitution and it is celebrated with a parade in the capital city of New Delhi, and is also celebrated in a variety of ways in other city’s in India as well. Check out the video and you’ll see that the Finnair crew is a class act.