A 5 year old little girl calls 911 to get the police to put her moms car back in the drive way for her. She gets home from school and can't find mom anywhere. She finds the car keys and decides she will take the car but then realizes she can't reach the pedals. She calls 911 for help.

The little girl spent about 3 hours home alone before finding the keys and trying to take the car. She gets the car started, shifted into gear but then can't reach the pedals to go anywhere. The car rolls into the neighbors yard.

She leaves the car running and goes in the house and calls 911. She tells the dispatcher that she needs to send the police to put her moms car back in the driveway because her mom will be "pissed". Out of the mouths of babes!!

I love that she tells the dispatcher that the car backed out of the driveway on accident.

Little did the girl know that her mom had been taken to the emergency room earlier in the day. Mom says she called the girls dad to tell him to pick her up from school but he says he never got the message.

Seems everything turned out alright this time. She was smart enough to call 911 for help but they might want to look at hiding the car keys a little better.