Take a little trip back in time, back to when transportation involved a horse or mule, cooking a meal involved stoking the fire and the buffalo roamed the plains of West Texas. The Friends of the Abilene State Park Association is holding a Frontier Day at the State Park in Buffalo Gap on Saturday November 3rd. Dawn Capps, Park Ranger says "there will be activities and events that will appeal to all ages." Here are the rest of the details.

Capps admitted that the event is still evolving as more things may be added from now until the actual 'Frontier Day' Saturday, November 3rd. "This will also be an excellent learning experience for anyone that wishes to participate" said Capps. The park will still be fully operational that day, however most of the activities will take place in what's known as the 'day use area' of the State Park.



Frontier Day


Date & Time

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
Starting at 12 noon till 4 pm


$3 for adults, children age 12 and under get in free.

More Info.

Abilene State Park Frontier Day will host a vintage baseball game with players dressed in the attire of that era. Dawn said the public will be invited to join in on and play ball with the 'vintage players'. Plus Texas Longhorns, a chuck wagon cook out, buffalo hunters, Buffalo soldiers, archery and muzzle loader exhibition, old-west reenactments, historical reenactments and much more. Park Ranger Capps said "there will also be dulcimer and auto-harp musicians strolling through the reenactment site". Craft making for the kids like old west bird houses and old American Indian toys. Artifacts and antiques popular for that era will also be displayed.

This map is the layout of the Frontier Day at the Abilene State Park

Map photo by: Dawn Capps