My 14-year old son Nathan has become quite the movie buff, and loves going to the theater to watch pretty much any film that's out there. His most recent cinematic venture was to see the early summer blockbuster, 'Godzilla' with his friend and classmate, John.

There are a couple reasons I think it's good to get a kid's perspective on a PG-13 movie. First, the review is good for kids because they get to hear what their peers think of the film, instead of a middle-aged professional movie critic. Second, parents can benefit because they get a chance to see the film through the eyes of a young teenager, and believe me, that's not always an easy thing to do. So, here is Nathan and John's review of 'Godzilla'.

Nathan and John Review 'Godzilla'

Thanks Nathan and John. Great job!

It's worth mentioning that the IMDB rating for 'Godzilla' is 7.2, dangerously close to Nathan's carefully thought out "7 Godzillas" out of 10. Despite his accuracy, I'm going to avoid asking him to pick the winning lottery numbers.