GoldieBlox is a toy company that wants to give girls a bigger dream. They want them to know they can be engineers and more. Girls don't have to just play with dolls or be princesses.Having gone to A&M, home of a very large engineering school, I have many female friends that are engineers, architects and vets. I loved this video when I saw it the first time. However, over the last few days it's been getting the wrong kind of press, something that seems to take away from the whole point of the video.

The GoldieBlox company is being sued for using a Beastie Boys tune, although they changed the words in order to make it a parody. The Beastie Boys do not want their song used for 'commercials' and are suing on grounds of "copyright infringement". However, GoldieBlox has counter sued on “a declaratory judgment that the video falls within fair use.”

The original version of the song is derogatory toward women; saying women do laundry, clean rooms, and do the dishes. The GoldieBlox version states that 'it's time to change' we would like to use our brains, girls build spaceships, code new apps, and can engineer.

GoldieBlox may not win when it comes to using the tune commercially but they do win for making toys for girls that allow them to explore more than just being a princess.