Granger Smith is one of the most interesting personalities in music today. He's among the most appreciated singer/songwriters around, is an unapologetic Texas Aggie, endless supporter of the U.S. military, and master of the YouTube video. And now, Smith has developed an alter-ego, Earl Dibbles, Jr. to add another dimension of entertainment to his live shows.

Needless to say, there's never a lack of conversation-starters when I get to talk with Granger. In the first part of our interview, he talked about some of the reason he supports the troops at every opportunity, including 4 trips overseas to perform for our service men and women. "I've always felt a little bit guilty that I'm the same age as a lot of men and women overseas that are volunteering their lives and their livelihoods and sacrifice so that I could go out and travel around and play music and have a really fun life...and I've always wanted to give back as much as I can." He also spoke of his relationship with Chris Kyle,  a former Navy SEAL sniper, author and advocate of veterans rights who was killed recently.

The next portion of the conversation brought Earl Dibbles, Jr. to the phone. Earl is country, and he gave us some great insight into what makes him tick. Asked how he deals with all the attention he's gotten, Dibbles responded, "All I care about is I get up on that stage, and them boys, them country boys throw me a can of dip, and I grab it...and run around like that, and crack a cold one. That's all that matters....I just get up there and practice my words, and sing it country."

As Granger got back on the phone, we talked about how he manages to have all the energy to manage all the projects he's involved in, and still stay prolific in his music career. "It's al ot of fun, and it';s my job. I definitely treat it like a hapopend to be one that I have a lot of fun, and a lot of passion for and a lot of love's just something that I've always known and I love to do, so putting out records, and putting out a lot of records is important.". Smith also shared his aspirations, discussing how far he wants to take the music career. He also tells me what one song crowds at his show want to hear the most.

Granger Smith's new CD hits stores on April 14th. It features his latest single, 'We Do It In A Field'. And beyond that? With Granger, you never know. But you'll be entertained, that's for sure.