So I finally got to watch The Avengers movie and I must say it was nothing short of epic, amazing and other multi-syllable adjectives that I can’t pronounce. During one scene of the movie, The Avengers were talking about Thor’s brother Loki and how bad of a person he was then Thor joked “he’s adopted”. Now it seems some feathers have been ruffled by that comment, which brings me to my question ‘have we become too sensitive as a society?’.

Marvel Comics – with one line that you carelessly failed to edit out of the script for the Avengers movie, you have insulted adopted children, adult adoptees, and adoptive parents!

She goes on to say

Being adopted is NOT something to use for the butt of jokes! Marvel, immediately cease using adoption as the butt of jokes AND issue a public apology to the adoption community!

Give me a freakin’ break.

I was adopted and have absolutely no qualms with what was said nor did I, even for a nano-second, ever find offense or think it could possibly be misconstrued as anything other than a joke.

Later she claims that adopted children hearing that quote will take it out of context and think they are bad people because they are adopted. I’d be willing to bet those kids will also think they’re a demigod from Asgard because Loki was. Since he was bad because he was adopted then the same must hold true about the relation of our children being demigods because Loki was one. Pffft.

First off, the movie has a rating of PG-13, so if parents are taking their kids to movies that has a “parental guidance” rating then it is up to the parent, not the scriptwriter, to answer any question the kid might have.

I’ll stop my rant for now and pose this question to you, have we become too sensitive as a society?

Regardless of all that, The Avengers is an amazing movie. Check out the trailer.