If you have ever wanted to make a cool paper airplane, but could never get the hang of it, and it always ended up taking a nose dive, then you have to check out these videos of how to make the perfect airplane that will actually fly.

The paper airplane has been around for many years entertaining bored school students, and employees, all across the world. I know I made my fair share of them as a way of coping with the boredom of lessons and lectures. I could make your standard paper airplane, but that was about it. Meanwhile, some of my classmates would make these ridiculous looking gliders that would fly forever.

Luckily, these days, there is YouTube to help you make the perfect paper airplane. In fact, besides your standard paper airplane, I've included videos for some other types that will entertain you for hours.

Standard Paper Airplane

F15 Jet Fighter

Bat Paper Airplane That Flaps It's Wings

Stealth Nighthawk

The Swallow

Do you still build paper airplanes?