For years, we tool geeks have made fun of those who were, shall I say “tool challenged” by asking them to “go over there and drill a couple of square holes. A task that is far easier said than done, until now. The Chinese have started marketing a special drill bit that will let just about anyone that can hold onto a drill for any length of time to drill “square holes.” What is this world coming to when an average ordinary Joe can walk into a shop and start drilling a complex square hole without all that hard work and time. Check this video out, this thing really works.


No self-respecting tool owner will admit that this special tool bit is, well, awesome. Now the challenge begins, where and how many square holes does the world really need? If you’ll take note on the first video that was the old time consuming way a self-respecting tool man would do the square thing. Today you don’t need a square file, compound ruler or T-square to calculate the how to drill almost anything out.

The second Video shows clearly how the tool gets the job done. It’s easier and less time consuming. With my drill in had I’m looking for places to put a square hole, where once there was a round hole. I keep counting the many new uses of this fine piece of modern-mans tool. I’ve just ordered two and I’ll keep you posted.