With spring in full bloom it’s time to start planting, fertilizing and seeding our yards, flowers, plants and trees. If you’re anything like me I welcome all the colorful birds that come with spring. I’m even getting my hummingbird feeders ready, when I remembered, I just received an email trying to sell me something they call a “Hummingbird Vine”, after a closer look and further investigation I discovered that it’s really more commonly known as “Trumpet Vine”. In fact it’s the same vine that grows like crazy around West Texas and the very vine my wife and I tried to kill out of our fence several years ago. Isn’t this “whatever vine” really a weed?


Nonetheless, I recalled several videos that inspired me to become a hummingbird fan, so much so that I now own at least a dozen hummingbird feeders. Anyway, the videos I recalled showed how several families had started ‘hand-feeding’ the hummingbirds. What I’m trying to say is that you don’t really need all those fancy feeders I own or any special vine, the birds are attracted to a certain color and if you’re patient enough you’ll meet with success. The vines and feeders will help if you don’t have the time to stand around with red sugar water in your hand.