Hunter Hutchinson has always loved music and he comes by it naturally, his dad the late Chuck Hutchinson loved music too, as you'll be able to see in the music video, Chuck loved strumming a guitar. So recently, son Hunter wrote and recorded several songs and when Hunter visited KEAN he shared one song in particular about his dad, "The Man Who Believes in Me" from Hunters new Texas Music album titled "Texas Too." Now Hunter has completed a music video in honor of his dad. Chuck Hutchinson was the owner of the American Classifieds and what I remember most is his infectious smile and strong hand shake.I believe Hunter Hutchinson did an great job on his first album and now with the video honoring his dad. As I remember Chuck Hutchinson, he was a pillar of our community, a leader in our city and an honest hard working business owner. While his dad sought to be successful in the advertising business, Hunter is a chip off the old block chasing his dream and success in the entertainment business. Hunter's got a great start with a new album and his first music video, a tribute to his dad. Check it out, tell me what you think.

Hunter Hutchinson -  The Man Who Believes in Me